The Experience

Visiting our dairy farm allows you to see firsthand the daily operation of safe milk production with the help of new technology in the field.


Touring our dairy farm, as a classroom, family, or tour group can be a fun and educational way to see dairy cows up close and identify with the farmers who produce the wholesome dairy products your family enjoys.


We welcome visitors from birth to senior citizens. In addition, we welcome special needs guests. Our farm tour is fun and educational for all ages! 


Conveniently located in Maitland, just north of Gore, DairyPryde Farm provides a wholesome family atmosphere where memorable experiences are made!

What can you expect during a tour

Come and meet our family
In shed experience
"Getting sucked in"
Try your hand at milking
How it works
Hitch a ride to the paddock
Our friendly animals
Play with calves (In Season)
Only during
October / November
Hand feed some calves (In Season)
Only during
October / November
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